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All-screen phone design with no notch
   All-screen phone design with no notch

Samsung is one of the companies that have promised not to bring a notch to their devices, so the South Koreans are currently working on other ways to launch phones with bigger screens and smaller bezels.

One of the approaches that Samsung could be using is drilling a hole (literally) in the display of the phone. This hole would allow the front-facing camera and the other modules to work correctly, thus eliminating the need for a notch.

And as it turns out, this could be the idea that the South Korean firm may finally embrace, as a teaser that it showed at the launch event of the Galaxy A9s and Galaxy A6s shows nothing else than an all-screen design.

This model may be called Galaxy A8s and could become the first Samsung smartphone with a hole in the display, technically paving the road for this feature to become more widely used across the entire flagship device lineup of the company.

Fingerprint sensor also embedded into the screen

In fact, holes in the screens of the phones is something that Samsung has been exploring for a while, and the upcoming Galaxy S10 could use it too.

The Galaxy S10 will mark the tenth anniversary of the model, and people familiar with the matter indicated that Samsung could be working on several major upgrades, including not only a no-notch all-screen display, but also a brand new fingerprint sensor.

Unlikely Apple, which has decided to ditch fingerprint sensors entirely, Samsung wants to keep them around on its devices, and the S10 could be the first model to come with the reader embedded into the screen. Others believe the fingerprint sensor may remain on the back for at least one generation, while some sources pointed out that the firm could even move it to the side.

The Galaxy S10 is expected to go live in early 2019, but for the time being, it’s this mysterious model that’s gaining all the attention.

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