It’s all possible with the latest Skype for Windows 10 build

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Microsoft has started testing money transfers between Windows 10 users with the most recent Skype version for insiders, technically enabling adopters of its latest operating system to send money to each other.

This feature has been around for nearly a year as part of a partnership between Microsoft and PayPal. It was, however, offered to Android and iOS users with Skype and the request PayPal add-on.

Beginning this week, the same functionality is available for Windows 10 users with Skype version, though it’s essential to know that it’s still limited to insiders for the time being, as Microsoft wants to conduct further testing before the launch.

Still in beta testing, to launch for everyone very soon

To send money on Skype, you just click on your profile and then Request Money or Send Money. You are prompted to select a friend and the country they live in to continue and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the transaction. You need to sign in with your PayPal credentials and link the account to your Microsoft account.

Needless to say, this feature isn’t available in all countries, and both the sender and the receiver must leave in one of the supported markets. You can check out the full list of countries where Money is available here.

Right now, there’s no ETA as to when the money transfer option would become available to all users on Windows 10, but given that the feature is already in testing, it shouldn’t take too long before it happens.

You can try it out right now if you live in one of the supported countries and you are part of the Windows Insider program. Just head over to the Microsoft Store and download the Skype version mentioned above to get a taste of how Skype Money works on the PC ahead of everyone else.

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