Both have Alexa support and hands-free voice control

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Portal and Portal+ are two smart displays developed by Facebook and just released by the company, both of them available for pre-order from for $199 and $298 respectively.

Both devices are designed to make video communication devices easier and, with the help of integrated artificial intelligence tech, to help you stay in touch without the hassle of always having to make sure that your camera is looking where you want it to.

Moreover, both Portal's and Portal+'s cameras come with built-in Smart Camera and Smart Sound tech which will zoom and pan around the room following you wherever you go, while the latter will automatically enhance your voice and minimize background noise.

The Portal devices allow you to keep in touch with your Facebook and Messenger friend lists and they will enable you to make calls to friends who don't own a Portal smart speaker but have Facebook or Messenger running on their smartphone or tablet.

Facebook will start shipping Portal and Portal+ in November

Furthermore, Portal features Alexa-powered voice control, making it possible to start a voice call by just saying "Hey Portal" and using all of Alexa's capabilities just like you would when using an Amazon device.

According to Facebook, Portal and Portal+ are designed to help you protect your privacy at all times, making it simple to disable the camera and mic with a tap of a finger, cover the camera using a special device provided in the package, and lock access with the help of a four to twelve digit passcode.

Additionally, Portal devices do not keep any call history Facebook says, but it will send your voice commands to their servers. However, the Menlo Park company allows you to manage them, providing you with access to the Portal's voice history from your Facebook account's Activity Log.

The Portal is a 10-inch smart speaker featuring a 1280 x 800 display, while the Portal+ comes with a 15-inch, 1920 x 1080 pivoting display, both of them being available for pre-order from, Amazon and Best Buy for $199 and $298 respectively, with shipping starting in November.

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