The new firmware releases improve AF performance and more

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Panasonic DC-GH5s Camera
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   Panasonic DC-GH5s Camera

Today, Panasonic has rolled out two new firmware packages targeted at some of its digital cameras, namely version 1.2 suitable for its DC-GX9, DC-G9, and DC-GH5S models, as well as build 2.4 developed for the DC-GH5 unit, which should enhance the overall system stability.

Specifically speaking, while firmware 1.2 improves the cameras’ operation under fluorescent lights conditions, the DC-G9, DC-GH5, and DC-GH5S units receive AF performance improvements regarding the focus point (when tracking a subject in video recording or AFC mode).

Moreover, firmware 2.4 enhances the video recording feature and 6K PHOTO/4K PHOTO operation, while DC-GH5S’ 1.2 update improves video recording performance and HDMI output stability.

If you have been encountering these problems or want your camera to be powered by the latest firmware, then save the present update, unzip it, transfer the content onto a formatted memory card, power off your imaging unit, and insert the SD card into the appropriate slot.

Once turned on, the camera automatically recognizes the firmware and guides you through the installation; follow all steps and make sure to remove the memory card once the upgrade has finished.

Bear in mind that, during the update, you mustn’t remove the battery/memory card or make use of any of the camera’s buttons. Doing so might interrupt the update, and this can lead to various malfunctions.

That said, from the links below, follow the one that best describes your Panasonic product, apply its latest firmware, and enjoy the changes this new release brings about.

Download Panasonic DC-GX9 Camera Firmware 1.2

Download Panasonic DC-G9 Camera Firmware 1.2

Download Panasonic DC-GH5 Camera Firmware 2.4

Download Panasonic DC-GH5S Camera Firmware 1.2

Panasonic DC-GH5S Camera (16 Images)

Panasonic DC-GH5s Camera
Panasonic DC-GH5s front viewPanasonic DC-GH5s back view
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