The firmware fixes CVE-2018-15599 security issue in Dropbear

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ASUS Gaming Routers
   ASUS Gaming Routers

AsusWrt-Merlin has announced the availability of new firmware packages developed for several ASUS router models, namely version 384.7.2, which manages to remove the CVE-2018-15599 security vulnerability in Dropbear, fix Namecheap DDNS service, and correct the buffer overrun in httpd.

If you intend to make use of these enhancements, first know that the developer has provided installation files compatible only with ASUS’ RT-AC3100, RT-AC5300, RT-AC68 (P, R, W, U, UF), RT-AC86U, RT-AC87 (R, U), and RT-AC88U routers.

Therefore, if supported, save the appropriate package for your device model, unzip it, establish a wired connection between the router and your computer, and save all settings changed from the default values (better safe than sorry).

Now, go to Advanced Settings > Administration > Firmware Upgrade, hit the “Choose File” button near the “New Firmware File” section, navigate and select the .trx file, click “Upload,” and wait patiently as the upgrade is performed.

Make sure not to interfere with the installation in any way, as this can lead to malfunctions. Do not remove the Ethernet/power cable, use the device’s buttons, close the web browser, or interrupt the upgrade in other ways.

With this in mind, download AsusWrt-Merlin Router Firmware 384.7.2 for your specific device, apply it, and constantly check our website to stay informed when newer versions are available for your device.

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