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MD5 Checker icon User-friendly and portable piece of software designed to help you verify downloads by comparing two MD5 checksums, as well as generate checksums

Before downloading an application and installing it on your computer, it is recommended to check that the installer has not been tampered with, especially if you grab it from a web hosting site.

The safest way to do this is to compare its hash value with the one provided by the developer and make sure that they match. MD5 Checker is one of the applications you can use to perform this comparison.

The advantages of being portable

This tiny tool is a portable one that does not require any installation and leave any traces within the Windows system registry. Also, it can be carried on a USB stick and launched whenever the need arises, regardless of the PC you are using.

Clean and simple GUI

The interface of MD5 Checker is intuitive enough to allow even those who are not accustomed with dealing with checksums to verify the integrity of their files.

Comparison options

In order to compare two distinct hash values, you need to select the file you want to process and the software program automatically displays its MD5 checksum. Next, you need to copy the other value and use the “Paste” button to add it to its dedicated field, and the comparison result is immediately displayed.

If the two hash values are identical, this means that your file has not been modified and that you actually have the original package. If, on the other hand, they are different, it is best to look for another source to download the file, as the installer you have has been tampered with and might even be infected.

Generate checksums

Another function provided by MD5 Checker is to generate checksums for any file you select – depending on its size, it might take some time to process it and create its hash.


MD5 Checker is a tiny application for comparing two MD5 checksums or generate them. However, it does not provide support for other types of hashsums (like SHA-1, SHA-256 or CRC32), so if you need to compare these types, you need to find another tool.

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MD5 Checker was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire

MD5 Checker is part of these download collections: Checksum Verifiers, MD5 Generators

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