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IvyBackup icon Create or schedule simple and more advanced backup plans with the help of this comprehensive yet really easy to use Windows-only app

Whether you're an advanced computer user or a novice, finding the best backup utility that perfectly suits your needs is just a matter of actually deciding on one from the plethora of such apps that's currently available.

If you're neither a professional nor a complete novice, then you may want a backup utility that's quite intuitive, and that looks rather good while still providing you with some more advanced capabilities like the possibility to schedule backups, for instance.

IvyBackup is a lightweight and nifty Windows utility that seems to strike a close-to-perfect balance between the total number of features and smooth user-accessibility.

Create, duplicate, edit, and manage any number of backups with ease

In short, here's what this app can do for you. As expected, it allows you to create and restore multiple backups and manage them effortlessly within a clear-cut and intuitive interface. You're also provided with the options of adding useful notes to your backups and, even more importantly, of testing your backups.

This is especially useful when you want to make sure that your backups integrity is top notch and, hence, you can schedule them without having to worry about errors or other unpredictable situations, another one of IvyBackup's noteworthy features.

Offers way more features for scheduling backups than it initially leads you to believe

Since we're on the subject of scheduling backups, you should know that the application provides you with a varied array of useful, self-explanatory types of backups such as Full Backup, Incremental Backups, Differential Backups, and even Auto Backup.

What's more, quite conveniently, you're able to choose from a series of Pre and Post-backup actions which include shutting down your PC, logging of your Windows account, rushing the activity (think of it as a sort of force-start option) and even running any Windows compatible command.

A very well-put-together app that boasts impressive backup customization options  

Adding filters to include or exclude files with a particular extension, as well as notes to your backups is also something that this utility supports. There are also various options available when it comes to aspects such as Backup Compression and Auto Backups. Last but not least, we have the Dropbox integration which is undoubtedly useful, however, it's a shame that it's the only one that's currently offered.

All things considered, IvyBackup is definitely worth considering if you're in the market for all-around accessible and feature-packed backup utility for your PC. An application is usually as useful as the number of relevant features it has on tap, however, IvyBackup goes a step further and offers these features in a compact and intuitive package that, while not looking the part, it's not exactly bad looking either.

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IvyBackup was reviewed by Vladimir Ciobica

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