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DtSQL Portable icon Query, edit and manage multiple database connections, view stored procedures and functions, as well as delete table data using this tool

Specially intended for users who need to manage multiple databases from a single and intuitive interface, DtSQL Portable is a comprehensive and reliable software solution worth having when you need to control various connections effortlessly. It is, by definition, an application that supports virtually all databases, regardless of their connection types.

Speaking of supported databases, we are referring to MySQL, FrontBase, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL and even HSQLB. No matter the number of databases you want to manage, the utility provides you with full-featured options that come in handy for both novice and professional users.

The portable version sports the exact same functionality as the standalone edition; however, we dare say it is even more advantageous that the latter because it does not require you to install it on the system. Since you can carry it around on a removable drive, it does not affect the computer’s registry either.

For those of you who need a straightforward program, DtSQL Portable enables you to alter, create, browse and search database objects, execute SQL statements, create procedures and SQL triggers, as well as edit database tables.

The application’s interface perfectly matches the idea behind the product: an intuitive GUI wrapped around a powerful and practical utility. Although the interface is not so complicated to understand and does not contain advanced configurations and options, DtSQL Portable makes an excellent choice for those who need to manage and open multiple database connections.

Still, even if the utility comes with an intuitive window and with simple features, you are required to firstly install the proper JDBC drivers. Because each database needs the right drivers in order to perfectly connect to your computer, you surely need to know how these tools work.

For instance, if you want to connect the PostgreSQL database to the application, you need to access the ‘Administrative Tools’ feature from Control Panel, then go to ‘ODBC Data Sources’ option and install the proper drivers. You can further set the connection parameters by specifying the host and the user name required to connect to the database.

However, Oracle and SQL Server databases have their own default configurations so novice users might get stuck when working with these kinds of apps.

Thanks to all these features, DtSQL Portable allows you to browse objects such as tables, columns and primary keys, drop databases, format and execute SQL scripts, as well as export data to various formats such as CSV, XML, HTML or XLS.

Overall, DtSQL Portable proves to be an effective solution that provides you with useful tools in order to work with multiple databases.

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DtSQL Portable was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru on Apr 1st, 2017
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DtSQL Portable 6.7.1 Build 20170818

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